I graduated from Charles University Law School in Prague with a doctorate and completed my essential legal education with postgraduate studies of copyright law and patent law.

I was allowed to become an attorney at law only after the transformation of the political system in 1989.

A multitude of changes occurred in society after 1989, and legal services became necessary, namely in the fields of restitution, establishing private corporations and property transfers. My clients were thus major Czech, Slovak and foreign petitioners for restitution, especially of real estate properties, various means of production, agricultural and land properties. I have namely represented major foreign clients (German and French) and domestic clients from the hops, beer and agriculture industries. Further, my clients were Czech and German glass industry companies. I have also represented the Czech public television company (Czech Television) during the politically agitated period at the beginning of the new millennium.

Through time, I have come to consider the activities of an attorney at law more and more as being a mission with the goal of helping people in need. It was always crucial for me to obtain the full story from the client, an explanation of all the relevant facts of the case, the client’s expectations and wishes, and, upon the assessment of such information, to offer (ideally) the optimal solution to the issue at stake.

Currently, I provide legal services in civil law, family law, labor law, and commercial law.

A logical culmination of my career is working with my son’s law firm.