During my legal practice, I have, among other things, led a team of attorneys specializing in foreign clientele, namely francophone clients, while providing a broad range of legal services namely in the area of commercial law (contracts, distribution law and competition law, international private law and corporate law), civil law (real estate transactions, the determination and establishment of easements, family law in representing clients within procedures for the determination of contact of parents with minors and the corresponding determination of alimonies for the involved persons), criminal law (especially as regards corporate commercial crimes and the representation of clients in procedures regarding the compensation of damages), etc. During my time at the last Czech internationally-oriented law firm that I worked at, I, among other things, led, for a number of years, a practice group devoted to the automotive industry, where our mission was namely representing producers of new vehicles (OEMs), key Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, banking and non-banking institutions dealing namely with the financing of the activities of distribution networks. Those activities included namely the drafting of all contractual documentation related both to the wholesale (relations between the producers and distributors/repairers) and retail business (relations between distributors/repairers and end customers), representation of clients in litigation, insolvency and execution proceedings and other procedures. A crucial part of my activities was the coordination of legal requests from large groups of corporations, for which I arranged all communications and final outputs from third parties both inside and outside of Europe. The vast majority of communications was led in French or in English. Extensive professional knowledge of those languages goes without saying.

I have personally dealt with cases in penal law, namely the representation of aggrieved parties within procedures for the recovery of damages. In the vast majority of cases, multinational companies were involved, where their main interest was the maximum recovery of damages caused by the actions of the accused/indicted person.

Besides the so-called “big advocacy”, I also supervised cases of so-called “small advocacy”, i.e. litigation agenda with an international element, combining international private law and parts of Czech law, namely commercial law (distributions) and family law (the setting of conditions of contact of minors with their parents including alimony issues).