Even as a child, I was interested in law. My first summer job was at my father’s law firm, where, in my early years, I pored over the amended articles of various laws within the expert commentaries.

My studies at the law school in Prague were a matter of course. After successfully graduating (cuma sum laude), I was admitted for full-time attendance at the Parisian Sorbonne (Law School of the Université Paris Descartes (Paris 5), where I successfully achieved two Masters degrees – Master 1 International and European Law and Master 2 European Commercial Law (both cuma sum laude). I thus followed up on the three years that I spent in Paris at a primary school. During my studies, I started my legal career as a junior associate at a respected French-German law firm where I learned namely to work under pressure, exclusively in foreign languages (French, English and partially German) and with legal professionals at my side. Thanks to this experience, I gained precious insight into the world of high-level legal practice, but also into cases in more private matters. Those two years in Paris brought me, professionally and personally, not only the important capacity to appreciate the ways of the French and their commercial partners, but also the capacity to meet the most challenging professional expectations.

I eventually had the opportunity to continue my legal career in Paris. However, my personal connection to my country and my family living in the Czech Republic brought me back home. Here, I progressively worked at three leading Czech law firms, where I gained, in the course of over 10 years of practice, substantial experience in dealing with the most complicated cases. In those years, I learned that besides extensive legal skills in my chosen domains of law, one of my greatest tools is also the capacity to communicate with clients in a comprehensible manner, explaining even the most complicated of legal issues clearly to them, despite the law often being a very impersonal area.

Besides my practice as an attorney at law, I have also repeatedly given lectures and presented seminars on academic soil, as well as at colloquiums (conferences and seminars) in the Czech Republic and also abroad, and for chosen groups of leaders and employees from both national and international groups (e.g. a series of numerous seminars related to the “New Civil Code”, “Unfair Practices within the Distribution Network”, “Future of Autonomous Driving and E-vehicles”, “Compensation of Damages”, “Criminal Liability of Legal Entities”, “Compliance Procedures within Corporations”, “Law and Marketing”, etc.

My principles are decency, honesty, professionalism, and a personal and human approach towards the client. I can guarantee you this.


  • Charles University Law School in Prague, Czech Republic (Mgr. and dr.iur. – the topic of my thesis work was “Legitimate Self-Defense and Extreme Necessity in Czech and French Law”),
  • Law School of the Université Sorbonne Paris Descartes Paris 5, France (LL.M. and M.JAE – Master Juriste d´Affaire Européen)