One of the key tools of LISTIK LEGAL is to simply and professionally provide for legal services or legal advice under French law, or according to the laws of other francophone countries (attorneys, accountants, and tax advisors), with whom we maintain regular (often years-long) cooperation.

LISTIK LEGAL may in particular offer the following services:

  • Securing legal representation in litigation, arbitration or any other administrative proceedings under French law and coordinating all mandatory and necessary steps with local professionals
  • Recovering () due or undue receivables against debtors having a presence in France, or with distrainable property in France or other francophone countries
  • Coordinating services pertaining to foreign law with the corresponding professional, namely explaining the content of the legal outputs to the client, communicating with the professionals on the given case, and transmitting the relevant (legal) information to the client
  • Establishing new companies, subsidiaries, permanent establishments, including arranging for the necessary administrative steps to be undertaken, including any corporate services required by the client
  • We can also provide (or arrange for) these services in regard to other francophone countries and within the region of Central and Eastern Europe (namely Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Croatia)