LISTIK LEGAL is capable of providing legal services in nearly all key legal domains. If we do not have the necessary expertise, we cooperate with allied law offices and attorneys at law to whom we delegate our client with such a specific case in all confidence. Procuring the appropriate advice for our clients to a specific legal question from specialists is a natural part of our services. We provide our services in French, English, and Czech, all on a professional level. We are able to deal in German on a communication level. The existence of an international element (e.g. a foreign entity, real estate in a foreign country, a registered industrial property in a foreign registry, etc.) does not constitute an obstacle for us.

Our specialization is the provision of legal services to francophone clients, or to Czech/Slovak clients with connections to France/francophone countries. The main added value of our law firm is a close connection to numerous French attorneys at law and other professionals (accountants, tax consultants) for the resolution of our clients´ issues that are (in)directly linked to France, as well as Belgium and Luxembourg. We are able to professionally provide for the legal needs of Czech/Slovak clients connected to France or other francophone countries, all through the coordination of legal services with our cooperating professionals. The client will thus remain in contact solely with us, whereas we will handle all communications with the foreign professionals.